Gift Guide- 10 Gift Ideas for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Gift Guide - Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Chronic Pain Sufferers

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Chronic pain is hard to explain and even more difficult to understand. It’s hard to choose a gift for a chronic pain sufferer, particularly if you don’t suffer with chronic pain yourself. Don’t worry, this gift guide is here to give you a helping hand.

We have all received a gift that was useless when we hoped for something else. Keep that in mind when buying a gift for someone with chronic pain.

More than likely you care deeply about the person you are buying for and would do anything to help take their pain away. So, buying a thoughtful, useful gift for that person is what you’re probably aiming for.


As a chronic pain sufferer, receiving gifts to help cope with pain means the most. It shows the person gifting me, has listened when I have spoken about my pain and really cares about helping me manage it.

Chronic pain sufferers spend a lot of money on pain-related items to help keep them going.

So, saving them a little dosh on things they need or want will definitely put a major smile on their face.

Some things on this list may seem super random and others you may have never heard of, but trust me, everything is useful.

This gift guide is here to give you a helping hand but also help you understand what chronic pain sufferers go through daily.

The information provided in my blog posts is strictly from my own experiences and is not intended to replace medical or professional advice. Do not disregard any medical advice you have received after reading any of my posts. For more please read my disclosure page.

Gift Guide - Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Chronic Pain Sufferers



Resting when you suffer from chronic pain is vital. We spend a lot of time at home or in bed all day.

A nice comfy pajama set* and slippers* can make you feel so much better, especially on high pain days. These are a nice option, and both come in different colours and styles.


This YuYu* is amazing for pain relief!

Unlike other hot water bottles, it is long in shape and has a strap to tie it around your waist or put it on other parts of the body.

It could be useful for someone who has endometriosis, IBD, back or pelvic pain. It comes in a variety of cute covers and cover materials like cashmere, fleece, and cotton.


Vacuuming is the last thing someone with chronic pain wants to think about, and sometimes it can be impossible for us to do.

Who enjoys doing chores anyway?

The Roomba* is amazing, you literally turn it on and it does the hard work for you. Clean home, clean mind, right?


I take a variety of different medications daily, so when I go out, I have to carry some with me. This cute pillbox* is discreet and easy to slip into a handbag or backpack.

No more ugly plastic containers or carrying around medication in their original cardboard boxes.

These come in a pack of 4, but there are many others available online.


Being warm and cozy is absolute bliss, especially on a gloomy night. Heating pads* are not only great for keeping warm, but can also help relieve aches and pains.

Having something to help with relaxation and warmth can bring a lot of comfort, especially when you’re in pain.


Music can have an enormous impact on your mood. I know when I’m having a high pain day, music is the one thing I know will help me either feel relaxed or uplifted, depending on the playlist.

It’s a great mood booster and a brilliant distraction from pain.

This speaker* is portable, waterproof, has a 12-hour battery life and is compatible with Siri and Google.


Reading can be a pleasant distraction when in pain because it’s something else to focus on.

A physical book is great for someone who loves the smell of fresh pages and the feeling of a nice glossy cover in their hand.

Gifting someone with a book is so thoughtful and personal. It’s a chance to offer a person something they desire or something you feel they may enjoy.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a great read; I’ve read it over four times. He speaks on being present and practicing gratitude in your daily life.


The Kindle* is also a great gift option. Particularly if the person you are buying for has pain in their arms or wrists.

It’s easy to hold lightweight and has adjustable light and size functions for better readability. Great for reading whilst in bed.


If your loved one’s pain keeps them in bed or on the sofa, a lap desk could be useful to them.

A lap desk* will help them use their laptops comfortably to watch movies or even use it as a surface to eat meals.


Hot drinks can be so comforting, especially when you’re not feeling your best.

Having an electric kettle* close by comes in handy for making a soothing warm drink.

Having an electric kettle on hand will also allow your friend or loved one to refill their hot water bottle. Rather than having to drag themselves to the kitchen each time, especially when in pain.


Even if you don’t suffer with chronic pain, receiving a package in the post will always make you feel like a kid at Christmas.

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there that offer so many things. From beauty*, healthy food*, and snacks* take your pick.

Find a subscription that will be most useful to the person you are buying for.


Writing in a journal or notebook* is another great way to take your mind off of the pain.

I use my journal to get my thoughts on paper and out of my head. Journalling is a wonderful way to cope with stress and anxiety and depression.

Journals are also a useful way to keep track of pain*, medications, symptoms and side effects. Which is useful, particularly when discussing your illness with a doctor or health professional.

Journals and notebooks are also great to set goals, write to-do lists and even stories if that’s your thing.



When I’m in a lot of pain, moving around just isn’t an option. Having a thermal mug* by my side means that my warm drinks stay warmer for a long period, so I can sip away.

This prevents me from getting up all to time to reheat or add ice cubes to my drinks. Meaning I can get the rest I need.

These mugs come large sizes, meaning the thirst is kept at bay and multiple trips to the kitchen are no longer necessary.

This one is a great size, and it keeps drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for 8 hours. It is also leak resistant and easy to hold.


white envelope and grey pencil on a white background

This is a creative idea, which may come in handy if you’ve left buying a gift to the last minute.

Create personalised vouchers. For example, you could create vouchers to help with your loved one’s chores. Such as cleaning the house, doing their grocery shopping, doing their laundry, cooking them a meal and so on.

You get the point.

Create things you can do to help them out. It is a thoughtful and inexpensive gift that will also give your loved one a helping hand.

Doing things like chores can really take a toll on someone with chronic pain so that extra support can be helpful.


two cups of late beside a landscape photo of Melbourne

Materialistic things are great, but nothing beats a bit of quality time.

Chronic pain sufferers often need to stay at home all day whilst the world moves around them. That can be isolating, boring, and lonely.

So, spend some time with your loved one, for a quick chin-wag over a cup of coffee, or a night in front of the TV with a takeaway.

Those moments are priceless and can mean the most. You can’t get time back, so put it to good use with someone you truly care about.


Managing chronic pain is hard and not to mention expensive.

Although you may never truly know what your loved one with chronic pain is going through, this gift guide gives you the opportunity to make their life a little easier.

Use this gift guide to show your friend or loved one that you really care about their wellbeing.

Did you find this gift guide useful? What would you add to the list?

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Gift Guide - Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Chronic Pain Sufferers
Gift Guide - Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Chronic Pain Sufferers

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